Health Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance that provides lifetime protection and builds cash value over time. The cash can be used as collateral to fund a major purchase or to send your kids to college. It also allows for loans in the event of an emergency. Examples of permanent policies are variable, whole and universal life.

Term Life Insurance

Provides a death benefit for a specific period with no cash value (usually one year). Premiums for term are lower than those for cash value policies because there is no money being built up within the policy. An inexpensive way to provide the financial security you need for your family or business partnerships.

Personal Disability Insurance

Recent statistics show that men have a 43% chance of becoming seriously disabled during their working years, while women have a 54% chance. It has also been proven that there is a much greater chance of becoming disabled than dying prematurely. However, few people carry this coverage. This policy provides income in the event that you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The annual cost of a nursing home in New Mexico is approximately $50,000. This policy pays for the cost of staying in a nursing home, care at your own home, or in an assisted living facility or Alzheimer’s Center. This has become one of the more popular types of policies recently as people are living longer and health care costs rise rapidly.

Personal and Group Health

Protects you against financial loss due to medical bills, and provides business owners and employees discounted life and health rates for belonging to a group plan.

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